Late Breaking NEWS Bulletin
     Terry George Rosga,
Milwauke native, resident of Texas for over 20 years, born August 2, 1945,  has been voted

Father of the Decade.
The vote was unanimous by his six kids, various pictures of them scattered around on the page.   For his endurance and patience in putting up with their antics (youngest is 14, oldest is 32) he wins Trooper of the Year Award
as well.
         Happy Father's Day!!
Hope Your Day is the Greatest!!
Love, Nick, Jon, Mike, Steve, Kelly, Chad
One of Terry's FAVORITE hobbies is singing along with his country western favorites.  Here his wife Pat helps by holding the mike and huming along.
Traveling is another favorite pastine, especially if it involves boats. Here Sons Mike, Chad and Nicholas accompany Terry on a sea faring journey off Galveston island in 1992
  The Many Faces of Terry
In Memorium:

Joe Komater, passed away in 2000.
Gone this year are Uncle Earl and Uncle Jack.
Father of the Decade Award
Announced on Father's Day!
           June 15, 2003
Although thousands of miles separate Terry from his nuclear family, he is committed to them and always attends every family event. This picture is form Raegails weddng .  The Califiornia Coast was also represented: at this Wisconsin event.. With Terry, family means Everything.  From left to right: Brother-
in law-Phil, Sis-Cherie, Mother-Dorothy,  Wife-Pat,  and sons Nicholas, and Jon accompanied Terry
Like Father, Like First (2nd) Son, a sign of times to come. Terry and Nick at a soccer game in a slight disagreement about who goes to the candy stand.
Martial arts is another favorite activity of Terry's. A black belt in Judo and Karate,  Terry and  son Jon took TaeKwanDoe classes together
Family vacations are VERY important to Terry. Every Spring Break he makes sure some part of the family is together at an exotic location.  Here they are at the Poconos on the East Coast to experiment with sking, see New York and Washington DC, and in general ENJOY LIFE!
    LtoR: Chad, Nicholas, Kelly, Jonathan,                           Pat & Terry
Married for 20 years this year, Terry is a devoted husband to his lovely, if neurotic, wife. A second marriage, they have worked hard to make their blended marriage a success.
All tuckered out...and who can blame him?? Six kids and all those interests. Oh we forgot  to mention that Terry is a movie fanatic, seeing from 1 to 3 movies a week.  His favorite show is JAG, followed closely by anything on the Discovery channel. He's an active member of the Carrolton Citizens Police Academy and dabbles with computers in his spare time. Also likes to swim in the backyard pool, and is the (only) resident cook, gardner, and washer (according to Terry) as well as working full time at Combined Networks in Plano. The Sleep of the Weary.
Fearlessly Fighting the dragons at Disneyland in 82
The Original Wedding Event, August 9, 1980, combined several adventures into one, traveling to Minnesota for the wedding, having the honeymoon before the wedding with the kids and without the groom,  and  with the best man and maid of honor, and getting married in the same ceremony as the wife's brother.  All the Kids were in the wedding.                    Stranger than Fiction.
Chad, Steve, Mike, Gary, Terry, Pat, Margie, Kelly
Terry's dad George and sister Linda at George's retirement home in Milwaukee.
Tools of Terry's Trade